Thursday, August 14, 2014

Solidarity with Ferguson, Missouri Protesters!

We all need to be paying careful attention to Ferguson, Missouri. This is where the revolution is beginning.

Many Black folks have been wondering: when are we going to get angry about the amount of Black lives lost due to police brutality and white vigilantes?

People were waiting for the anger and real action to begin in Florida or New York City or Los Angeles: all places where police brutality to the point of murder is a regular and well known occurrence for Black folks.

But the revolution is happening right now in Ferguson, Missouri. This is a city nobody outside of the local area even knew to look and wait for. And yet, they are fighting a fight that has implications reaching far beyond their town. It is a fight on behalf of Black Americans from all over.

These citizens are courageously standing up for their right to not be terrorized by their police force. This is a primarily Black community that has been terrorized for decades by their majority white police force. They have long been facing injustices perhaps exceeding that committed by the NYPD and LAPD but have not gotten any national media attention because of the relative lack of knowledge about their city.

But they are saying enough is enough with the recent murder of eighteen year old Mike Brown and now the entire of America is poised to listen.

(Parents of Mike Brown)

There is a plethora of misinformation circulating about the death of Mike Brown. But it is clear that foul play was involved on the part of the officer who murdered him. His friend and first-hand eyewitness to the murder reports that they were both running from the cop after being unduly harassed on their way home when Mike was shot at. Mike stopped and raised his hands saying "don't shoot me" but he was repeatedly shot. Ten times in total. It was nothing short of an execution.

Although the Ferguson police is attempting to cover up this murder first by falsely accusing that Mike Brown stole candy from a corner store (which the store denied) and then arguing that there was a scuffle for a weapon (unlikely) the people of Ferguson know that this was merely the most recent act of violence and fascism that Ferguson police has committed against the Black members of their community.

Now the community is demanding justice. In response the Ferguson police is hiding the identity of the murderer and has transformed this community into a war zone. So far information has surfaced about a Howard alumna who was peacefully protesting when she was shot in the head by police. The police tried to cover up this attempted murder by saying she was the victim of a drive by (no doubt trying to deflect by blaming "Black on Black" crime). Warfare guerrilla tactics are being waged against the people and we can't stand by and leave them without support.

(Ferguson, MO. NOT the Middle East.)

I implore all of my readers to seek reliable information about what is currently happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Media outlets are being actively banned from reporting what is occurring so the rest of America is largely dependent on social media to know what injustices those in Ferguson are facing.

I am standing in solidarity with Ferguson, MO from California and I hope you will too!

Stay aware!

Justice for Mike Brown (MO) and Ezell Ford (CA) and Eric Garner (NY) and Renisha McBride (MI).